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Cervical cancer is the 7th most common cancer among females in Hong Kong [1]

What is HPV?

Easy to Perform - Protect Yourself

The SENTISTM HPV DNA test allows the detection of high-risk HPV types. The presence of high-risk HPV types indicates a higher risk of cervical cancer. Early detection allows for early diagnosis and treatment.

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  • 582 new cases of cervical cancer in 2018
  • 162 deaths of cervical cancer in 2019
  • 14 high-risk types of HPV

HPV is transmitted primarily through intimate skin-to-skin or sexual contact [4]

How to do Self-Sampling?

Self-sampling is quick and straightforward, for an easy detection of risk for developing cervical cancer.

What are the benefits of self-sampling?

Self-Sampling Booklet

Simple and fast

Straight forward directions for fast self-sampling


Assay conducted in laboratory


No appointment required, testing at any time


Saving the trouble of going out

Why do I need a SENTIS™ HPV DNA Test?


All Women should Test Regularly

Women aged 25-64 years with sexual experience are recommended to receive regular cervical cancer screening


HPV vaccination does not protect all high-risk types

HPV vaccination does not include all high-risk HPV types nor against existing HPV infection, so there is a need for regular cervical cancer screening


High-risk groups for cervical cancer

Individuals with an elevated risk of cervical cancer, such as women with early sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, habitual smoking and other risk factors should test regularly

Grasp your health condition through an HPV DNA test

Let’s enjoy life & live healthier!

More about SENTIS™ HPV DNA Test

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